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Everybody speaks of the environmental protection,
but just a few do something for it

This remark I found on the wall of the local environment-campus (college)

Ecology ……. on a somehow differently conceived campsite

What does that mean? Read here my thoughts to this complex topic please.

It is really not so that ecology first starts, when one thinks of saving water, resources, rainwater-collection, saving electricity, garbage-separation, reduction of as well as avoid emissions, Solar Energy, Geo Energy und Photovoltaic and so on.

Ecology starts really elsewhere, in the small and in the inconspicuous action. Nobody ever talks about it, however. It is little effective and one cannot earn the big money with this kind of Ecology. Ecology also means that one pays respect to the material that often can be reused. This way much money can be saved and the joy at the successful accomplishment of the work is often gigantic.

Here on our campsite, we have made this to be our task to implement ecology so that our guests thru our action make an experience, that should stimulate them to imitate what they have seen.

Consciously, I have started many sentences with „Why“. This is the way children ask. They are very receptive and would like to experience one or the other immediately.
So, there are many questions, we most of the times have an answer for.

Let’s start with simple questions:
Our campsite is a recognized natural Campsite.

Why is this campsite named like this? Because our campsite was planned to interfere very little into nature and leave preferably as much nature untouched.

Why do we have no mosquitos despite several waters? Because we have plenty of birds, who eat the mosquitos.

Why are the birds here? Because we offer plenty of possibilities to build nests in the available trees and bushes which also supply sufficient food in the winter, with other words, the birds can remain here and don’t starve.

Our swimming-pond (3.5m deep) is occupied with fish, who are not fed. They grow splendidly.

Why don’t we feed the fish? Because they can nourish themselves from creatures that live in the swimming-pond. This type of water is also called a biotope. 
We are proud of this swimming-pond. Despite of the fish, our guests can even swim in it, without conflicting with the animals

Why do we shred the cut bushes and trees? Because we cover borders with it so that no or just a few wild herbs would grow. If we leave the shredded material untouched long enough it results in having the finest potting compost.

Why do we build a stone wall with loose stones? Many animals, reptiles, frogs etc live in the loose constructed stone walls. During daytime, lizards often sit on the warm stones. The frogs come out at night and warm their small stomaches. So it seems to us anyway..

Why do most of our ways have a gravel surface? The gravel surface allows the surface water to seep into the ground more easily and less surface water flows into the creeks. That on the other hand contributes to floods more moderate as well as floods can be totally avoided. We just all must contribute to it.

Why do we use materials that have been produced from recycling material? Because these objects are especially resistant against environmental influences, because they last long, because they are easy to maintain and because it makes sense to produce something new from something old and also use it.

With simple materials we also built part of our playgrounds, stones, that were found on the campsite, wood, that was grown on the campsite, gigantic tires, that came from a big tractor.

Why do we run electrical-scooters/bicycles on the campsite? We want to show our guests that the electrical scooters/bicycles don’t contaminate the air, are quiet and can be loaded at the socket. One loading costs € 0,60 for approximately 50 km.

And where do we invest in the newest ecological technologies?

We save drinking water with particular saving-armatures on our showers, washing and the toilet-irrigation. Partly, we use also collected rainwater.

Our hot water is warmed up by the sun up to 65%. This way we save much oil. Altogether, we have installed and drive two Solarthermal-Energy-Systems on our campsite.

We operate a central heating system with solid wood logs, that grow on the campsite. Also this way we save a lot of oil.

On our roofs we have installed since 2007 2 different Photovoltaic Systems with altogether approximately 18kWp.

Also here, we contribute to the saving of fossil energy elsewhere.

The existing residences were redeveloped in 2004 with Isoklinker combined insulation material from the outside. After four years, we can prove that we have only required 1/3 of the normally used amount of heating oil.

Maintenance costs/Redevelopment costs will not occur anymore. With this type of redevelopment, you never have work on your house in the future.

We are planning a Geothermal Energy System on the campsite with the goal to reach our total independence from the oil.

Meanwhile, we have realized so many projects, that are already very common to us. Only our guests and strangers notice the new projects.

Guests, who are interested to look at our Eco-Systems, are cordially invited to do so.

We are anxious to spend our time with you, provided you are in the mood and curious enough to look once behind the sceneries.

We are glad to please your curiosity.
Ingrid Schüller

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